: “And they overcame him because of the blood of the Lamb, and because of the word of their testimony…” Rev. 12:11,  

1. Thank God for previous wonders and miracles in your life that has resulted into testimonies. Appreciate Him for His wonderful deeds. Psa_30:12 

2. Pray that throughout this year and beyond you will have testimonies that will turn your life and story around completely for good and that your basket and your store house will be blessed.  1 Cor 1:6

3. Pray that the words of your mouth and the meditations of your heart will bring you  closer to your testimony and that all current adverse situations in your life will turn to you for a testimony Luk 21:13. Pray that your lips will  not testify against you. Job 15:6, Pray that you will eat the fruit of the life in the power of  your tongue Prov. 18:21

4. Pray that God will help you to see more clearly, love Him more dearly and follow Him more nearly that your testimony may come through and real in Jesus name. Pray that situations and circumstances around you this year will turn to testimonies that will be referred to by many even in the future in Jesus name. Heb 3:5

5. Pray for the grace to be open to the Holy Spirit more than ever before in Jesus name. Ask that you will help bring to the knowledge of truth those who are yet to know God and that God will help you to be a better witness of the gospel. John 15:26, Act 10:42

6. Pray that you will not walk in the path of the ungodly, nor stand in way of sinners nor sit in the seat of the scornful this year and beyond. Psalm 1:1; Pray that your testimony will show that you pleased God.Heb 11:5 

7. Pray that every pending desires and requests of yours shall turn into a testimony this year. Pray for rest round about and that there shall not be any evil occurrence nor adversary around you.

8. Pray for the apostolic oversight (SMIC) and his family that this year 2020 they will always have every reason to testify of God’s goodness in Jesus name.

9. Pray that EIWM and GAWO will have reasons to witness good things that will lead to testimony in Jesus name and that the Church of Christ in Nigeria will not be stifled or prevailed against (through laws and policies) in Jesus name. Pray that God will open the door of faith towards the unsaved in Nigeria. Acts 14:27

10. Pray that violence, destruction and ruin will not be heard of in Nigeria (villages, cities, states and dwellings); praise and victory will continually be our testimony in Jesus name. Isa 60:18

My Confession:

I declare that my God will give glory, honor and peace to me for every of my good works. No tribulation, depression nor anguish shall come near me and all that is mine. The Lord my God will grant me rest and testimony on all sides so that there is no evil occurrences all through this year. With long life will my God satisfy me. Miracles and wonders that will lead to testimonies are happening in my life. My heart is indicting only good matters continually in Jesus name. Every of my awaited requests shall turn unto me as a testimony in Jesus name. The words of my mouth will not condemn me rather I speak intentional words to make my path peaceful and blessed. God is quickened to bring me harvest of His loving-kindness and tender mercies. Nothing shall stand in the way of every deserving demand of my life. No limitation, wall or barrier shall stop or block the purpose of God for my life. I will not stand in the way of whatsoever good the Lord intends to do in and for me in Jesus name.  No adversary nor evil occurrences will happen to me, mine or near my dwelling in the name of Jesus. I declare that no testimony of wickedness shall prevail over every of my good deeds. I receive the rewards of all my good deeds. The Lord my God will give the nations as an inheritance for me and the nations will come to my rising. My testimony and events in my life will bring both small and great alike to my light and joy. Men are giving to bless me and all that is mine. I am living a very healthy life, every organ, tissue and veins in my physical body are strengthened and function properly.  I am not perpetually in the wrong, I move and act according to godly instructions. Nothing around me testify of my wrongs or wrong doings but they speak of my good because I am the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus. I declare that the SMIC and his family will have several reasons to testify of God’s goodness throughout this year 2020 in Jesus name. I confess that Nigeria is blessed beyond destruction, the Church of the saints in this nation is waxing greater and greater more than ever before. I am full of faith and power by the Spirit of God who dwells in me. I have power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy: and nothing shall by any means hurt me. Through the greatness of God’s power that is mine shall all my enemies submit themselves unto me. I have power to get wealth. God’s grace is sufficient for me in every area of my life as His strength is made perfect in my weakness. I have all the power that it takes to do what He will want me to do. I will   Praise the  Lord in His sanctuary, I  will praise Him in the firmament of His  power.