“O Magnify the Lord with me, and let us exalt His name together” – Psalm 34:3

1.Thank God for His magnificent power that is at work in your life and ministry. Psalm 34:3

2.Pray and come against every influence and device of the devil to magnify your problems and make them look bigger than God and what He can solve. Jer. 32:27, Gen. 18:4

3.Ask God for grace to always magnify Him with thanksgiving at all times for the things He has done and for those things He will yet do. Psa. 69:30

4.Ask God for grace to enable you magnify whatever ministry He has committed into your hands. Rom.11:13

Ask for grace to manifest your potentials this year in Jesus name. Rom. 8:19.

5.Ask God to prosper you in all that you do according to His will for He is magnified and has pleasure in the prosperity of His servant.  Psa. 35:27, 3 John 2

6.Ask God to begin to magnify you and all that you do in the sight of everyone that they may give glory to the Father in heaven. Joshua 3:7

7.Pray that as you continue to lift up your eyes, hands, voice, face to God your prayers will always be acceptable to God. Psa. 141:2

8.Pray that God will magnify the efforts of righteous people in positions of authority in Nigeria above that of the unrighteous (Like Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego). Ask that the next elections will bring in more righteous people into government so as to cause a change in Nigeria. Proverbs 3:35

9.Pray that every worker in the church and members will lift up and encourage one another in the Lord and work together in unity of spirit. Psa. 133:1

10.Declare that this year you will serve the LORD your God. Ask Him to give you power to get wealth. Deut. 8:18

11. Ask God to magnify your little efforts into great returns this year in Jesus name. Prov. 14:23


Father Lord I thank You for Your magnificent power that is at work in my life and ministry. I declare that God is magnified in my life this year through His works and His blessing over my life. I declare that no power or force will slowdown, retard or hinder my increase; ministerially, financially, spiritually, academically, and business wise in Jesus Name. I declare that just like God magnified Solomon exceedingly, from henceforth God is magnifying me in all areas and His name is continually magnified in my life. I receive grace to see problems in the light of the majesty of the Almighty God. I receive grace to delve more into His word this year so as to know Him better and know more of His ways. I declare that God is magnified above all circumstances and situations I might come across this year. Every situation that is contrary to the will of God for me that seemed magnified in the past has become small in my sight as the word of God is magnified above them. My little efforts this year receive magnified results in Jesus name. I am magnified in the sight of my enemies and I overcome all temptations that have magnified themselves in my life in the past in Jesus name. I am full of faith and power by the Spirit of God who dwells in me. I have power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy: and nothing shall by any means hurt me. Through the greatness of God’s power that is mine shall all my enemies submit themselves unto me. I have power to get wealth. God’s grace is sufficient for me in every area of my life as His strength is made perfect in my weakness. I have all the power that it takes to do what He will want me to do. I will   Praise the  Lord in His sanctuary, I  will praise Him in the firmament of His  power.