Rev. George Olawale Adegboye

    The Lord spoke to Rev. Adegboye in December 1981 during a Christian meeting and said:

“I have called thee, I have chosen thee, I have ordained and anointed thee, to take my words to the nations, emphasizing its integrity”. This subsequently led to his call into the ministry.

Rev. George Olawale Adegboye is an Apostle of the New Testament, with a commission to “take the word to the nations of the world,” emphasizing its integrity. He is the President of the Ever Increasing Word Ministries, also known as Rhema Chapel International Churches worldwide. He is also the President of the Word of Victory Bible Training Institute and the Young Ministers Teaching School, which are the training arm of the ministry.

Rev. George Olawale Adegboye teaches the word extensively, with a simplistic practical prophetic insight. He is in great demand all over the world, across denominations and independent churches for conventions, seminars and oHe always brings a message of challenge, inspiration and motivation. To him, teaching and preaching the Word is an all-consuming passion. He has numerous admirers worldwide, all due to the profusion and accuracy with which he quotes relevant portions of Scriptures to support his statements and claims, which makes people to fondly refer to him as the “Walking Concordance” and at times as the “Walking Bible”.

He has been instrumental in helping to birth, father, mentor, train, adjust, repair, place, encourage, motivate and send forth several fit and capable ministers into the harvest fields of the Lord on earth. He has been used to impart and transform many young men and women into flaming firebrand ministers of the Gospel in several nations of the world. His ministry resource materials are always in great demand. He is committed to making the word of God available all over the world through all available channels. He hosts the weekly Word and You telecast program on many television stations in Nigeria. Rev. George Olawale Adegboye holds a Masters Degree in Sociology. He is married to Oloruntoyin Modupeola and they are blessed with three children; Faith, Faithful and Faithfulness.

– The Pastor

Dr. F. Allan Olorunsola

Dr. F. Allan Olorunsola is an Electrical/Electronics Engineer by training and also a minister called with a prophetic teaching anointing. In 1993, he joined the Rhema Chapel family while an undergraduate in College after the Lord spoke to him about the church. Over the years, he has been involved in the ministry at various levels (Campus fellowship, head of a department, Youth Pastor, house cell, and the board of Ministers) in various departments (Music, drama, Publicity, technical, Media). He was instrumental in some of the Rhema Chapel church plant efforts in Nigeria. Later in 2005, under divine instructions, the Lord relocated Pastor Allan Olorunsola and the family to the US. He was part of the build-up effort of another church until the Lord reminded him of the specific assignment of establishing the Rhema Chapel in the North America region. Dr. Allan believes that true happiness can only be found when people discover their divine purpose in life. He believes that life is too short to be spent on guesswork. He believes “Nothing becomes dynamic until they become specific”

Dr. Allan Olorunsola has been working in the field of IT and Telecommunication over the past two decades and currently works with a global telecoms’ services provider. He has a couple of Master’s degrees in IT/Telecoms/Cybersecurity and has a Doctorate in Computer Science with a specialization in Information Assurance. He also is a visual artist with a unique conceptual ability to implement diverse design projects. Dr. Olorunsola is a sports lover and he can be seen partaking in some long-distance races such as the annual 10k Marine Marathon. He is the President of the Global impact sports academy. He is married to his “baby” Juliet Olorunsola and they are blessed with children, Asher and Amy.


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