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Change and evolution is the only constant article in the world we live; but unlike every other entity; Rhema Chapel’s core value, tenet and mandate has not changed.

The church though subject to many varying agents of change such as time, personnel, structure and all, has held tenaciously to the Word and calling of God, over the years.

The word of God is forever unchanged, and according to his divine counsel towards us, our God ordained vision has stood as an unshaken pillar on the sands of time. The things that represent us are:


What Our Logo Means

  • 🔥The fire on the top of the logo signifies the ever present ministry of the Holy Spirit

  •  — The Line that characterized the lettering of RHEMA reminds us of the line upon line and precepts upon precepts by which the revelation of God’s word come to us as we get empowered to change the world.


What Our Colors Represent

  1. 🕇 Red:  Signifies the blood of Jesus the fountain of forgiveness without which there is no remission of sins.
  2. 🕇 Royal blue:  stands for the covenant we have with God, to fulfill our ministry
  3. 🕇 White:  connotes righteousness, which is our desire as we stand continually before Him in our lives and in all we do.

Our Values:

Our core essence is exemplified in our values which are articulated as:


  • 🕇 Salvation as the beginning of our experience with God
  • 🕇 Steadfastness in our Christian commitment
  • 🕇 Studying as our spiritual culture
  • 🕇 Soul winning as our supreme task
  • 🕇 Separation from the world as our attitude towards the world
  • 🕇 Spirit filled as the mode of our worship
  • 🕇 And Second coming as our expectation

As our church enters into the next phase, it remains fully committed to helping build the man, family and ministry through the instrumentality of the word of God, and the apt help of the Holy Spirit.

Rhema Chapel International Church remains committed to being the people of the word changing the world.

Days of Worship:

Join any of our services to worship with us during the week.

Sunday Services

To be announced later

Wednesday Services

 To be announced later

All night Prayer meeting

     To be announced later
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