About Rhema Chapel MaryLand


Over 30 years ago the voice of the Lord came to Rev George Adegboye saying “I have Called thee, I have Chosen thee, I have Anointed and Ordained thee to take my word to the nations, emphasizing its integrity”

Those spoken word birthed the establishment of the Ever Increasing Word Ministries Int’l (a.k.a) Rhema Chapel Int’l Churches with the first installation in the town of Ilorin, Nigeria.

The ministry has since grown to the nations of the world as Rev. George Adegboye has endeavored to be obedient to the heavenly vision. With various installations in Nigeria, Europe and South Africa, the North American Region was pioneered by the Rhema Chapel Int’l Churches in the Lanham area of Maryland.

Our Mandate

In pursuant of our divine mandate the RCIC in the North American region has been established to fulfill the great commission of winning souls for the kingdom as contained in Math. 28:19-20. Our Lord Jesus Christ modeled this divine mandate as he went about the cities and villages, teaching and preaching the gospel of the kingdom, and healing every sickness and every disease among the people.(Matt 9:35)

We firmly believe that the precise understanding of God’s Word is the gateway to change in people’s lives. From finances to walking in divine health; Rhema Chapel is committed to equipping people all over the world with the knowledge and wisdom needed to make decisions that will positively impact their future.

We believe our mandate is a standard that determines all that we do by emphasizing the 7 S’s

  • 🕇 Salvation as the beginning of our experience with God.
  • 🕇 Steadfastness in our Christian Commitment
  • 🕇 Studying as our Spiritual Culture.
  • 🕇 Soul-Winning as our supreme task.
  • 🕇 Separation from the world as our attitude towards the world
  • 🕇 Spirit- filled as the mode of our worship.
  • 🕇 Second coming as our expectation!

Rhema Chapel in Mary Land

The flagship installation in North America was in the Lanham area of Maryland. With a divine nudge, we are rearing to establish another Rhema Chapel in Boston in the commonwealth of Massachusetts. The Greater Boston area is an intersect of many human heritages such as medicine, business, technology, education, and innovations. We believe the thriving Boston region is a perfect location for the fulfillment of our divine mandate to take the word to the nations of the world.

It is our pleasure to welcome the city of Boston to the Rhema Chapel Int’l Churches, home of the Blessed People. As a family of Christian believers, we are:

  • 🕇 A people of the word changing the world
  • 🕇 A word and worship center in spirit and truth
  • 🕇 A family church for all members of the household
  • 🕇 A training centre for destiny attainment.
  • 🕇 An outreach centre to the whole world
  • 🕇 A sign and symbol of integrity in ministry.
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